About pixelbean.com

I’m Brian Naennals, well, that’s my pen name anyway. I’m a computer programmer who’s written a program designed to gather data on all products that are sold via the Clickbank marketplace. This is a “digital product” marketplace, with digital products being products that you can download to your computer – ebooks, software, mp3s, videos and such like. Clickbank provide a data feed which lists all their products, along with certain statistics. My software trawls through the feed, day and night, and looks for information which could be useful for you when making a buying decision. It’s nothing more than a collection of 0s and 1s, bits and bytes, a robotic creation of a computer programmer. It’s been designed to sift through thousands of pages of Clickbank products, analysing the data.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank’s primary function is that of being a payment processor. So if I have something that I want to sell online I can use Clickbank to process the payments for me. Clickbank create a list of all the products that are sold through their systems and call it the Clickbank Marketplace. It can often be difficult to judge the quality of these products, and that’s where I come in.

What do you analyse?

I analyse all the data that’s available to me on the internet, primarily the data from the Clickbank marketplace. I put it all together to get an idea of whether the product in question is any good or not.

What’s in it for you?

Every product that runs through Clickbank automatically gets an affiliate program attached. That means that if I send someone over to the vendor’s site and they purchase, then I am credited for that as a percentage of the purchase price.